About Us

History and Structure

Sydney Angels is a not-for-profit angel investment membership organisation. Since our establishment in 2008, we have stayed true to our mission of supporting the early-stage ecosystem by running processes and events that connect our investing members with promising early-stage companies.


We believe that encouraging smart investment in startup companies will benefit both our members’ portfolios and Australia’s emergent innovation economy.

We see this as the ultimate win-win situation. Sydney Angels is led by an elected committee of ten volunteers who meet weekly. It is supported by an operations manager and alliance partners.

Our Committee

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We came together because we believed it was important for our nation’s future to create a self-sustaining angel investment group in Sydney.


Sydney Angels Sidecar Fund

The Sydney Angels Sidecar Fund (SASF) is an AUD $10 million investment fund that invests 50/50 alongside Sydney Angels’ members in early-stage businesses they have selected. This greatly reduces the time it takes to close a typical investment round. The SASF can also provide funding for follow-on investment rounds. As the SASF’s investors are diverse and typically well-connected, entrepreneurs can also expect to benefit from their extended networks.

How can I access funding from the SASF?

Only companies that have received prior investment from a Sydney Angels syndicate may approach the SASF for co-investment.

How can I invest in the SASF?

To learn more about investing in the SASF please complete the below form

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Our Partners

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