About us

Investment Capital for Quality Deals

Sydney Angels is an angel group whose members invest in innovative early-stage companies with high growth potential.

Sydney Angels provides its members with quality deal flow, a collaborative investment process, and an opportunity to support entrepreneurs and the early-stage ecosystem.

Sydney Angels offers entrepreneurs an efficient path to capital, expertise and experience from its members, who are backed by the $10M Sydney Angels Sidecar Fund.

The Team

Sydney Angels is an incorporated association run by a volunteer committee. The members of the committee are highly experience professionals that work in and around the early-stage business space.

Adrian Bunter

Andrew Stead

Hamish Hawthorn

Mathias Kopp

Peter McWilliam
Philip Argy

Richard Dale

Steven Maarbani

Vivian Stewart


Sydney Angels Sidecar Fund

The Sydney Angels Sidecar Fund is a $10 million investment fund that invests solely in early stage business ventures. The Fund invests alongside Sydney Angels’ members and in doing so greatly increases the chances of an investment round closing. The Fund can also provide funding for follow on investment rounds. As the Fund’s investors are diverse and typically well connected, entrepreneurs can also expect to benefit from the extended networks. The Fund expects to invest all of its available capital in Sydney based enterprises over the next 5 years.

How can entrepreneurs access the funding from Sydney Angels? The first step is to submit an application to Sydney Angels through this website. Once an entrepreneur’s application is submitted it will be considered by members and by the fund where there is member interest.

How can I invest in the Sydney Angels Side Car Fund? To find out more about investing in the fund, please visit the fund managers’ site www.protoinvest.com

Angel Group Network

Sydney Angels has actively built links into major investment centres around Australia and the world. Relationships with other angel groups can benefit entrepreneurs by:

  • providing access to stronger VC communities;
  • providing entry points to target market or production facilities;
  • ensuring the business is more likely to be noticed by ultimate exit partners.

Currently Sydney Angels is building relationships with:

For non-Sydney based Australian investment, Sydney Angels also has strong ties with the other major Australian angel groups including: