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Entrepreneur Benefits 

Sydney Angels offers the following benefits to entrepreneurs listed below

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Growth Capital

Our syndicates typically provide start-up and growth capital for the first two years, which can include follow-on funding for startups achieving milestones.

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Decision Support

Sydney Angels syndicates also invest time, knowledge and experience into their portfolio companies.

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Network Connections

Sydney Angels syndicates offer portfolio companies access to their valuable networks here and abroad.


Our members do everything they can to give portfolio companies the edge they need to succeed. The better you do, the better we do; our interests are completely aligned.


Investment Criteria

The vast majority of our portfolio companies met these criteria when applying for investment



We look for startups that are clearly wanted by their target markets. Evidence of this may include: sales revenue, pre-sales, media, expressions of interest, letters of intent, etc.

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Seeking $200k-$500k initial capital

An angel investment round is usually small and often the first external investment in a startup. We then offer follow-on funding to successful portfolio companies.

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Seeking a pre-money valuation of $1m-$2m

Investing in early-stage companies is fraught with risk, even for the most experienced investors. To account for this, valuations tend to be relatively low at this stage.


Target Characteristics

We look for the following qualities in our applicants


Attractive market potential

We look for businesses that are either targeting growth markets with limited competition or markets that are susceptible to disruption.


Strong, defensible product

We look for businesses that possess intellectual property and/or other barriers to entry that are difficult for others to replicate or overcome.


Quality team
and plan

We look for teams that have the experience, energy and connections to execute the plans that they propose.


10x return potential

We prefer to make our returns from an exit rather than dividends and typically like to see the potential for a 10x return on investment.


Selecting readily investible companies from the rest can be difficult, especially with so much startup activity in Australia today. Our experience has helped determine what characteristics we look for and how our application process is conducted.


Application Process

Our rigorous application process occurs in 6 cycles each year


Company Application

Applications received by the due date for each cycle are considered. The committee reviews every application and selects 6 companies to progress to the next stage

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Deal Screening Meeting

All members are invited to anonymously rank the 6 companies. The most impressive companies with the greatest perceived potential are invited to pitch at the next stage.

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Members Meeting

Members, ecosystem representatives, VIPs and invited guests are all welcome to attend these evening events and view the pitches. If there is interest in a company, a syndicate will be formed.


Making an application for investment to Sydney Angels can be a rewarding yet highly competitive and demanding experience. Applicants should prepare their pitches well in advance and seek as much constructive feedback as possible beforehand.


Active Syndicate Stages

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Initial due diligence

The syndicate will request important information, including: financials, intellectual property details, documentation and more.

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Term sheet negotiations

The syndicate will negotiate with you regarding the amount of capital they will invest and the terms of the investment.

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Legal documentation

At the conclusion of the investment process, documents are signed and exchanged to make it official – you are part of the family!


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Sydney Angels Sidecar Fund

The syndicate will approach the $10m SASF on your behalf, seeking its co-investment of approximately 50%.

2019 Application Dates

Entrepreneur application dates are detailed below, review our Calendar and Events page for full details on all of our Sydney Angels Events.

Sydney Angels Deal Screen Meeting and Members Meeting Calendar 2019

Applications Due

Cycle 1 - 15th January

Cycle 2 - 19th February

Cycle 3 - 7th May

Cycle 4 - 23rd July

Cycle 5 - 27th August

Cycle 6 - 1st October


Deal Screening Meeting

Cycle 1 - 5th February

Artesian DSM - 6th February

Cycle 2 - 12th March

Cycle 3 - 21st May

Cycle 4 - 6th August

Cycle 5 - 10th September

Cycle 6 - 15th October


Members Meeting

Cycle 1 - 19th February

Cycle 2 - 2nd April

Cycle 3 - 4th June

Cycle 4 - 20th August

Cycle 5 - 24th September

Cycle 6 - 29th October


Ready to pitch to Sydney Angels?

Please click the link and complete your application on the Gust platform to be considered for investment




Due to the large volume of applications we receive, we are generally unable to offer any feedback until a company has reached the Deal Screening Meeting stage. If you are unsuccessful at any stage, we invite you to try again in a future cycle when your business has developed further and key metrics have improved. We simply do our best to pick what we believe are the most promising deals within a specific timeframe and we are not perfect at choosing future winners! We wish you all the best as you grow with your business and continue your entrepreneurial journey.